If an Aspie and Neurotypical relationship doesn’t work out, is the Asperger’s to blame?

I always thought the answer was yes.  I thought that no matter how hard I tried to be a good partner, my Asperger’s would always make her unhappy.  So, if the relationship must end, there is only one reason why.   It’s because I couldn’t make my partner happy because I have no theory of mind.  I can never feel empathy for her.  I can never get outside of myself to make her feel important.  I can never show love the way she needs.
Let me tell you, that is utter bullshit.  There is absolutely truth somewhere in that statement, but in no way is that statement absolute truth.

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Asperger’s and Partnerships: Love without emotional connection?

One month ago I could not describe what an emotional connection was.  Emotional connections are peculiar things, especially for one who is unconsciously unaware of emotions within oneself and others.  I have been aware of my Asperger’s Syndrome for two years now.  I spent the majority of that time re-evaluating my past, and trying to understand my current social oddities.

In all that time, however, It never occurred to me that my partners failed attempts to connect with me were making her feel unhappy, and unloved. Read the rest of this entry »


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I would like to apologize for the hiatus in my blog, and take this opportunity to get it re-started.    I will give a brief update of my Asperger’s-related happenings.

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Determination leads to success, then comes a brick wall.

I am nearing the end of my third semester of grad school.  This is officially the first semester I have experienced with the knowledge of my Asperger’s.    What surprises me is that I have found more obstacles rather than less.  On top of that, a professor told me that if I were to attempt a PhD in economics, I would fail.  I heard these words from a professor I worked hard to build a relationship with, and the only professor who knows about my Asperger’s.

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Aspergers and Graduate School

This post is about taking tests, and how tests are a completely false representation of my intelligence.

I realize that I have not posted in a while.   This is because school started.  It is my second year of graduate school.  I have a suicidal schedule this semester.    Usually a graduate student takes their hard classes the first year, and work on their thesis the second year while taking easier electives.  I decided to wait until now to take my hard classes… and I must work on my thesis, which happens to require extensive research for two disciplines… which can turn your brain in fanatic circles. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Animal Obsession: Part 2. My upward climb and transition to “real life”

Part 1 of this blog consisted of the rise of my animal obsession and fall of my social and educational development as I transitioned into adulthood.  Now, in part 2, I leave all of my animals behind, and learn to socialize.   Of course my passion for animals will never go away, but I have learned to “manage” it.

We left off with me, at the age of 20, dropped out of college.  When I decided to drop out of college, I knew that I was on a bad path.  The recurring snake nightmares were telling me this.  Almost every night I was holding a snake by the tail that was trying to turn around and bite me.  I never let go of the tail.  The moment I decided to quit school, the dreams stopped completely.  I knew there was nowhere to go but up.  But how?

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Aspergers, ADD, and Ritalin

Today Ritalin cleared my mind, but made me a fool, and embarrassed my girlfriend.   I am here to tell the story.

Wait for the fool scenario… it comes at the end of this post.

Along with my Asperger’s diagnosis, I was given the diagnosis of ADD, not otherwise specified.  I have since been taking Ritalin.  I have not been taking it very long, only for about one month.  Therefore, I am still not solidified on the effect it has on me.

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